Focus Areas

These focus areas build the foundation of an effective organization.

When they are in place, the organization is able to function at peak performance, make progress toward its goals, and be well-positioned for present and future success.

BusinesS INtelligence

Business intelligence is a complete understanding of how an organization functions.  Business intelligence offers a high-level perspective of the organization’s performance as a whole, …


Strategic planning is the alignment of the organization’s actions to its mission.  Strategic planning ensures everything the organization does–both internally and externally–is….

Performance Management

Performance management is an assessment of how well your organization is achieving its goals, mission, and strategic plan.  When leaders and …..

PRocess Improvement

Process improvement is exactly what its name implies: it is the act of improving processes.  As W. Edwards Deming is attributed as saying…..

knowledge Management

Simply put, knowledge management is the way an organization documents what it does and applies that information to do things better. Knowledge management includes …..

“The workshop was transformative and the leadership team has really become rejuvenated with creative ideas to improve various programs within the department.  Mr. Thomas was well received by staff; he was insightful, enlightening, and exhilarating.”

Kevin W., Public Health Director of a local health department: