What are organizational design and strategic planning?

Organizational design is the overall internal structure of an organization.  It captures all aspects relating to how an organization achieves what it sets out to achieve, from the minor and major work processes involved to the division of staff into teams and a staffing hierarchy.  Strategic planning is the alignment of the organization’s actions to its mission.  Strategic planning ensures everything the organization does–both internally and externally–is focused, deliberate, and contributing towards its cause.  When an organization has a strong organizational design and effective strategic planning, it is efficient, effective, and well-positioned to succeed.

If any of the following statements apply to your organization, it might need help in this area:

  • Program areas are siloed, acting as their own entities rather than streamlined parts of a larger whole.
  • Program areas are meeting their goals and metrics, but the organization is not.
  • Program areas are underperforming or barely meeting demand for extended periods of time.
  • The organization is unable to maintain a competitive advantage in dynamic and changing environments.
  • The organization cannot reconfigure resources, capabilities, or even products to deal with or create innovative change in the market.