Organizational Design and Strategy maps

Ben developed a methodology and resources to improve performance management across individual programs and the organization as a whole.  Ben researched and analyzed concepts ranging from business management strategy to Interdisciplinary Mathematics to cognitive psychology, then developed the Organizational Design Initiative.  

The Initiative helps programs document their processes, craft problem statements, set goals, and align their work to focus on strategic priorities.  This is achieved by (a) analyzing the program’s assets and work it produces, (b) identifying the program’s external and internal stakeholders, as well as the outcomes they value, (c) identifying the agency’s strategic priorities, and (d) structuring the program’s operational plans to ensure the work produced by the program meets the stakeholders’ values, as well as the agency’s strategic priorities.

The value of the Initiative is its ability to align, streamline, and focus each of a program’s work processes with the organization’s strategic priorities.  The Initiative combines individual process improvement tools to identify valuable processes and establish benchmarks, then produces a matrix that helps programs to better manage their processes, plan for the future, and set appropriate goals.  Additionally, the Initiative creates an operational work plan for the program that details what staff should be doing and how to measure, analyze, and evaluate the program’s performance.