Practical Empathy

By looking at the word “empathy,” a series of concepts, positive and beautiful, enter the mind. Empathy is something that everyone feels in life, not only for self-purposes, but also for other people. From psychological point of view, there are different definitions of empathy. However, the empathy itself is a type of mindset whose main focus is the surrounding people. It helps in understanding their perspectives and thinking patterns.

Practical empathy is associated with analyzing such patterns in order to determine solutions, make attractive decisions, enhance strategies, and perform successful collaboration. Interestingly, it is related to the cognitive empathy in which emotions are involved to understand the thinking process of people, what goes on in their brain, their reaction, and heart feelings. It is all associated with the situation in which a person behaves like the other person so that one’s thoughts and emotions could be determined. Remarkably, if it is successfully achieved, then something unique, something beautiful, something attractive could be designed or better decision can be made that is favorable to the person. The interesting fact is that when companies develop products, they already implement such kind of technique to win the favor of its consumers. In fact, the empathy is applied when people actually try to fix something that can work in a better way for other people. To sum, the overall goal in practical empathy is to collaborate with the people and make new things that serve the purpose of people in an effective way by conducting person-focused research instead of solution-focused research.

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