5 Ways to Unleash Your Creativity in a Constrained Environment 

It can be a challenge to stay creative in a constrained environment, but following these tips will help you find new ways to create.

  1. Be your own muse
  2. Find inspiration from other artists 
  3. Distract yourself from the constraints
  4. Try new methods 
  5. Break out of your comfort zone

Try these constraints to boost your creativity in everything from writing and art to business and technology

To boost your creativity, try constraints to get your creative juices flowing. In her book, “Steal Like an Artist”, author Austin Kleon talks about the importance of constraints when it comes to creativity. What sets a person up for creativity is to be able to focus intensely on a few specific activities that are related to the thing they are trying to achieve based on rules created by the constraint. 

Constraints Makes Your Creative Flow More Flexible 

By setting up these clear requirements, it opens the door to creativity and helps reduce the chance of making the same old creative choices. Even if a creative idea never seems to come, if you stick to the strategy and integrate the approach, everything will eventually work out. 

Try telling yourself: 

You need only one idea to go from zero to wildly creative

Remember, constraints help you derive inspiration, flow and opportunities for creative insight. A creative mind generates ideas & new solutions from the things it doesn’t know. 

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