Are Traditional Schools Destroying Creativity?

The most-watched Ted Talk of all time is Sir Ken Robinson’s 2006 talk. It kicked off a long discussion about the future scope and definition of education. His observation is that much of the modern American educational system fosters conformity and rewards compliance rather than a creative approach to learning.

What Causes Schools and Teachers to Stifle Creativity?

Students, teachers, and school districts are rewarded based on their performance against standardized testing and assessment criteria. Consequently, schools and teachers are inclined to stifle creativity in favor of more-easily-measurable standards. Parents clamor for creative opportunities for their students, and teachers protest the lack of resources. Still, until the connection between creativity and improved student performance is fully appreciated, we can expect schools to hinder the implementation of creativity in education.

Traditional Schools vs Skills Students Need in the Future 

Schools need to re-examine creativity and reframe it as a core skill that students should learn, not just something they are. This model may be challenging for educators to implement in their classrooms, but creativity is essential for the future workforce. The U.S., which has long been seen as a leader in technology, business, and entertainment, also ranks high in creativity on international assessments despite criticism over current teaching practices. Schools can play a role by implementing creativity exercises into all areas of learning. Hence, every student can develop these skills, which will prepare them for success in today’s economy. Creativity is one essential keystone skill that schools must teach if they want our children prepared for tomorrow. 

Education should be more than just filling up test scores; it’s about developing skills like critical thinking and collaboration that will help you succeed after graduation as well! The current education system doesn’t provide these essential building blocks for future success, so we need something better – one where kids aren’t measured by how much information they’ve memorized but rather what kinds of ideas come out when given free rein (and almost no consequences).

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